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AHC Attorneys Present 2-Day Seminar on Energy Project Development

Attorneys from AHC will present a 2-day seminar regarding “Avoiding Disputes in Energy Project Development.”  The seminar will take place in Charlotte, N.C.  You can read more about the seminar by clicking here: EUCI Seminar.  

Energy development projects are fraught with potential pitfalls at every stage. But precautions taken in the early stages can significantly reduce the risk of problems and increase the likelihood of a successful project. One of the most important ways to avoid problems is by properly and carefully drafting energy industry project development and construction contracts. Contracts that clearly define and allocate the parties’ rights and responsibilities can greatly assist in clarifying the parties’ roles and in preventing misunderstandings. On the other hand, unclear or inadequate project contracts can result in misunderstandings, major project setbacks, and unforeseen costs that impact project viability and may erupt into litigation. Poorly drafted contracts may even result in an unfinanceable project. Another important aspect of dispute avoidance is pre-construction planning. The pre-construction stage is a critical point in development, and it deserves a commensurate amount of attention and planning. This seminar will address activities in the pre-construction stage that will minimize disputes throughout the remainder of a project.


Key topics include:

1. Key project and contract risks

2. Project risks and rewards and their allocation among project participants

3. Delineating responsibility to accomplish important tasks

4. Contractual rights and remedies in the event of breach and default

5. Negotiating power and transmission prices and related financial terms

6. Practical issues related to project contracts

7. Required terms for long-term financing arrangements

8. Ensuring coordinated and coherent project agreements to avoid unfulfilled downstream obligations

9. Relationship of insurance coverage to contract terms and conditions

10. Selecting the project development team

11. Assessing project risks and developing budgets and schedules

12. The importance of construction management in energy project development


Find more information about the seminar and registration information here: EUCI Seminar.



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