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Business & Corporate

Our attorneys have extensive experience in advising companies and their boards, management and shareholders on issues such as business formation, governance, finance, procurement, contracting, and employment.  Our attorneys counsel clients on a wide variety of business matters.  We also represent businesses and their owners in business and commercial litigation.

Contracting and Procurement

Clear, complete contracts that accurately document business arrangements are essential to the success of any business. Our attorneys have decades of experience in the areas of commercial and government contracting, contract administration, and dispute resolution. We have negotiated and drafted contracts for clients in many lines of business and service, with such contracts ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to over $500 million. Such contracts include construction contracts, vendor agreements, leases, power contracts, financing agreements, RFPs, employment agreements, purchase and sale agreements and software agreements.

Business Formation and Governance

Our attorneys assist clients in choosing the appropriate form for their business entity and preparing the necessary documents, such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, and shareholder agreements. We regularly represent corporations, partnerships, LLCs, LLPs, cooperatives, and non-profit companies. After the business entity is formed, our attorneys advise officers and directors regarding state and federal regulations, fiduciary duties, and the interpretation and amendment of contract documents. Another important part of this work is assisting clients in developing appropriate employment contracts, handbooks, policies, and confidentiality and non-compete agreements.

Business and Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys have extensive experience resolving, litigating, and arbitrating disputes arising from business arrangements and commercial transactions.  Our philosophy is to save our client’s money by attempting to resolve disputes on the front end.  We resolve disputes before litigation or arbitration by meeting with the opposing parties and presenting our client’s case persuasively enough to prompt a resolution in favor of our client.  Read more about our business and commercial litigation practice.


You have worked hard to develop your company’s business and to maintain its continued success. You deserve to keep as much of the rewards of your hard work as the tax laws will allow. Our firm’s attorneys can advise you and your company on the two primary objectives of tax planning: minimizing tax obligations and complying with tax laws and regulations. Our attorneys have years of experience in advising business owners and their businesses on the proper means of minimizing their tax burden. We have provided tax planning advice concerning federal income tax and estate and gift tax, as well as state and local taxes, for many types of clients, such as corporations, subchapter S corporations, partnerships, LLCs, joint ventures, cooperatives, subchapter T cooperatives, and numerous tax-exempt entities. Our attorneys have advised clients on such matters as structuring new and existing business entities, subsidiaries, and trusts; tax elections and exemption; tax implications affecting power contracts; business succession and estate planning; and many other issues that affect the continued success of businesses and their owners.

We would appreciate the opportunity to bring our perspective and experience to serve your business needs.