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Owner Representation

For over thirty years, AHC attorneys have advised owners – both public and private – regarding their unique needs in the construction industry. For public owners, we have provided a broad range of construction and procurement advice at each step of the public-works process, from the bidding and contract-negotiation stage through final project close-out. We ensure that public owners comply with constitutional, statutory, regulatory, and other legal constraints in procuring public works and services, such as rules applicable to competitive bidding and requests for proposals. We have drafted construction, architectural, engineering, and other relevant contracts, including surety bonds.

AHC attorneys are staunch advocates for owners at every stage of a project. In the contract-negotiation stage, we help owners avoid one-sided and onerous form contracts that place owners in a difficult position at multiple points during any project. We negotiate contracts that recognize owners typically do not have the same skill set as contractors, architects, engineers, and other service providers. Accordingly, contracts drafted by us emphasize the responsibility of those hired by the owner.

Finally, when litigation or arbitration is unavoidable, AHC attorneys advocate for owners in the prosecution or defense of construction claims and disputes, including claims for delay, liquidated damages, loss of use, lost revenue and rent, and defective and deficient work, as well as surety-bond claims and claims for professional negligence associated with the performance of architects and engineers.

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