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State & Local Government

Our State and Local Government Practice Group focuses on public construction and procurement. We assist state and local governments with their procurement and infrastructure projects to fulfill important public needs. Since public bodies are creatures of the constitution and the legislature, they are subject to important requirements in expending public funds. Moreover, when private persons or entities assert claims to those public funds, we defend the public body and the taxpayers’ interests.   

Contracts range from lump-sum construction contracts using the design-bid-build delivery approach, design-build contracts, cost-plus contracts with a guaranteed maximum price, design and engineering contracts, performance and payment bonds, separate and incorporated general conditions, separate and incorporated insurance requirements, public-private-partnership contracts, guaranteed energy savings performance contracts and other conservation projects, and many others. With decades of experience, our attorneys know the important provisions for risk allocation and mitigation.   

As for litigation experience, we serve as Special Assistant Attorneys General for the State of Georgia on scores of matters involving contract disputes on infrastructure and procurement projects. Moreover, either in collaboration with local government counsel or as lead counsel, we serve local governments by pursuing or defending claims involving construction and procurement.   

Our litigation experience includes almost any type of claim involving public bodies’ construction and infrastructure projects. For example, we have litigated claims involving contract disputes, noncompliant products, out-of-scope work, defective and nonconforming work, negligent design, delay, acceleration, impact, disruption, interference, lack of coordination, project mismanagement, wrongful termination, differing or changed conditions, and nonpayment and recoupment.  

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