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Construction & Procurement
  • We Are Experienced Construction Lawyers.

Lawyers in our construction practice group have extensive construction law experience.  We are able to provide practical, cost-effective representation and counseling to clients through every stage of project construction as well as project-related litigation or dispute resolution. We represent all stakeholders in construction projects, including private owners, public owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, and sureties.

  • Our Philosophy is to Manage Risks, Avoid Disputes, and Minimize Costs.

We place special emphasis on helping clients manage and minimize the risks of construction and, thereby, avoid disputes.  Good decisions during pre-construction set the stage for timely and successful projects. Before ground is broken, we assist clients in identifying risks attendant to their work or unique to their project and assist with making decisions targeted at avoiding and minimizing those risks.

Construction is a dynamic process, and effectively managing the process keeps the well-planned project on a successful course. During construction and through project close-out our lawyers concentrate on dispute avoidance by helping clients enforce their contract rights and take proactive measures to avoid, minimize and resolve disputes at the earliest possible stage.  Sometimes disputes are unavoidable. When disputes persist and resolution cannot be achieved by proactive project initiatives, our lawyers represent clients in mediating, arbitrating and litigating disputes to resolution.

  • We are Experienced with Construction Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

Our lawyers have extensive experience representing owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and sureties in complex, high-dollar dispute resolution and litigation. Our mediation, arbitration and litigation experience includes handling disputes involving the full spectrum of potential construction-related controversies, including defaults and terminations, change order and extra work claims, payment and performance bond claims, mechanics’ liens, schedule accelerations, impacts and delays, construction defects, site access and differing site conditions.

  • We are Experienced with Complex Construction Transactions.

Our lawyers have extensive experience assisting clients with structuring, negotiating and concluding complex construction transactions.  Well before ground is broken, we assist clients in making critical decisions including:

–  Identifying Risks Unique to Our Client’s Project;

–  Selecting the Optimal Project Delivery Method;

–  Defining Performance Security and Insurance Requirements; and

–  Selecting Preferred Dispute Resolution Methods.

Our transactional experience includes negotiating and drafting lump-sum and GMP construction contracts, construction management agreements (at-risk and agency), design and engineering agreements, EPC agreements, design-build contracts, parallel prime delivery agreements, RFPs, owner-controlled insurance programs, and customized surety bonds.  Our attorneys have drafted and negotiated these agreements on office building projects, schools, water treatment facilities, municipal buildings, factories, convention centers, hotels, condominiums, hydro-electric dams, cement plants, and gas-powered power plants, among others.

We bring to our clients a broad perspective and many years of construction experience. We would appreciate the opportunity to bring that perspective and experience to your next project.

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