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Subcontractors, Trade Contractors, and Specialty Contractors

Our attorneys have carved out a niche practice for subcontractors, trade contractors, and specialty contractors.  We thrive in handling matters encountered by specialty contractors, including such matters as:

  • Reviewing and drafting contracts with upstream contractors and downstream sub-subcontractors and suppliers;
  • Prosecuting and defending construction claims, including claims for nonpayment, delay, acceleration, impacts, and others;
  • Asserting payment bond claims (state, federal, and private);
  • Filing, prosecuting, and defending lien claims; and
  • Defending claims of defective construction against specialty contractors.

The needs of specialty contractors tend to get overlooked in resources, articles, and form contracts.  As a result, subcontractors, trade contractors, and specialty contractors need attorneys who specialize in representing their interests.

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