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Energy Construction

Energy Savings Contracts: Risks and Rewards

AHC attorney David R. Cook published an article about Energy Savings Performance Contracts in the November/December edition of Building Profits Magazine, which is a publication of the Construction Financial Management Association.

Facility owners are paying increased attention to energy usage, operation and maintenance (O&M) costs, infrastructure management, and the overall financial performance of their facilities.   They have called upon the construction industry to assist in these efforts, and some segments of the industry have flourished around owners’ demands for energy efficiency and cost reduction.Read More »Energy Savings Contracts: Risks and Rewards

Webinar on Minimizing Disputes in Energy Project Development

AHC attorneys David R. Cook and Roland F. Hall will present a webinar on ways to minimize disputes in energy projects.  The webinar will focus on project contracts and their role in reducing ambiguity and potential for disputes among project participants.

Properly drafted project development and construction contracts — especially the power purchase agreement — are essential to project success.  Contracts that clearly define and allocate the parties’ rights and responsibilities can greatly assist in clarifying the parties’ roles and preventing misunderstandings.  On the other hand, unclear or insufficient project contracts can result in misunderstandings, major project setbacks, and unforeseen costs that minimize project viability and may erupt into litigation.  In the worst case, poorly drafted contracts may result in an unfinanceable project. Read More »Webinar on Minimizing Disputes in Energy Project Development

Takeover Rights In Renewable Energy Project Development

Renewable projects are typically complex and require substantial amounts of capital.  Some parties may bring expertise; others may bring equipment components; while others may bring funds.  In any event, these multiple parties will have agreements — called development agreements — between or among themselves.  When one party fails to live up to its obligations, these development agreements should address the rights of the other party or parties.Read More »Takeover Rights In Renewable Energy Project Development