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Autry, Hanrahan, Hall & Cook, LLP provides clients a broad variety of high quality legal services while retaining the personal touch and more economical rates of a small firm. Our attorneys have represented individuals, businesses, and governmental entities throughout the state of Georgia and other areas of the country on a wide variety of litigation and business matters. Our attorneys can help with your legal needs whether your questions are unique and complex or simply require good “common sense” legal advice.

Energy & Utilities

For many years our attorneys have represented companies in the energy and utilities sector. We perform a wide variety of services, including negotiating and drafting power supply contracts with power marketers and renewable energy project developers, representing clients before the FERC, RUS, and state public utility commissions, resolving claims related to transmission line construction, and obtaining certification of natural gas marketers from the Public Service Commission.


The firm's construction practice group concentrates on litigation, mediation and arbitration construction disputes and on drafting and negotiating construction agreements. Our attorneys have represented at various times virtually all of the different participants in a construction project. We bring to our clients a broad perspective and a large body of construction experience.

Business & Corporate

Our attorneys have extensive experience in advising companies on issues such as business formation, governance, finance, procurement, contracting, and employment. Our attorneys are also well experienced in the areas of commercial and government contracting and contract administration. Such contracts include construction contracts, vendor agreements, leases, power contracts, financing agreements, RFPs, employment agreements, purchase-and-sale agreements and software agreements.

Cooperative Taxation

AHHC is one of few firms that specializes in cooperative taxation. Cooperatives and their subsidiaries can be structured in ways to maximize such benefits and minimize any negative risk factors. Our Cooperative Tax Group has advised cooperatives, both taxable and tax-exempt, on tax issues ranging from proper cooperative operation, treatment of capital credits, patronage and member income determinations, and compliance with various tax regulations.

Cooperative Law Blog

Your resource for current, relevant, and practical information and analysis about cooperative law and the power industry. For decades, our attorneys have provided cooperatives with a wide variety of specialized legal advice. In addition to representing electric cooperatives, our attorneys also perform work for other industry participants, including power purchasers and energy developers. We believe it is critical for all participants in these areas to stay informed and we hope this blog will become a top source for your industry information.

Construction Law Blog

Your source for the latest construction law and industry news. For decades, our construction lawyers have represented every player in the construction industry, including owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, and architects/engineers. Our posts offer a breadth of perspective that few construction law firms can provide. We hope you enjoy the blog and will return often for new insights on managing construction risks.

Energy Blog

Your source for the latest energy law and industry news. For decades, our energy lawyers have represented utilities, generation and transmission providers, energy developers, and others in the energy field. Our posts keep you updated and informed with current events and relevant and practical information.

The Law of Cooperatives

The Law of Cooperatives, published by the ABA Business Law Section, provides you with an introduction to cooperative law and an overview of the primary issues that differentiate cooperative law from other areas of business law. It is an essential resource for cooperative attorneys, directors, managers, and employees.

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