Rural Utilities Law

In David’s utility law practice, he advises rural electric, telephone, and telecommunications utilities with their transactional, regulatory, and organizational needs.  He also helps clients promote technological development, such as rural broadband, in their rural communities.


Utilities engage in critical transactions with third parties and need advice from attorneys experienced in such transactions.  David has prepared multi-million dollar power-purchase agreements for wholesale power needs extending decades into the future. He has drafted, litigated, or advised utilities concerning a wide array of transactions and instruments, such as power pools, interconnection agreements, spectrum auctions, solar leases and partnership flips, easements, indefeasible rights of use (IRUs), and land-use agreements, and various security arrangements, such as guaranties, letters of credit, security agreements, and financing statements.

Rural Broadband

David places an emphasis on promoting economic development of his clients’ rural communities.  So he understands the ever-growing demand and crucial need for bringing advanced telecommunications and information services to these areas.  For example, he has advised and assisted rural utilities in their efforts to deploy broadband.  In these efforts, he addresses funding, commercial terms, tax issues, and other concerns.


Rural utilities usually qualify for alternative systems of regulation.  David advises his clients to stay within the bounds of — and flourish within — these regulatory systems.  For example, he has advised clients on state and federal regulatory matters, including RUS, FERC, and state utility commission regulation of electric, telephone, and telecommunications; RUS financing questions; renewable energy tax credits and incentives, regulatory and tax depreciation, and environmental and pollution-control matters.

Organizational and Corporate

David also keeps his clients compliant in organizational and corporate matters.  He advises rural utility cooperatives in connection with their state cooperative law, articles and bylaws, member relations, and capital credits.    He has drafted, revised, and updated countless bylaws and policies for cooperatives and their affiliated entities.  Many cooperatives’ bylaws are based on older forms that no longer fit today’s cooperative or member.  As a result, a great number of  electric, telephone, and telecommunications cooperatives have called on David to revise and update bylaws, along with other governing documents.  In such engagements, David ensures the bylaws comply with federal tax requirements.  See David’s Cooperative Law and Taxation practice.


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