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Energy Efficiency

Energy Savings Contracts: Risks and Rewards

AHC attorney David R. Cook published an article about Energy Savings Performance Contracts in the November/December edition of Building Profits Magazine, which is a publication of the Construction Financial Management Association.

Facility owners are paying increased attention to energy usage, operation and maintenance (O&M) costs, infrastructure management, and the overall financial performance of their facilities.   They have called upon the construction industry to assist in these efforts, and some segments of the industry have flourished around owners’ demands for energy efficiency and cost reduction.Read More »Energy Savings Contracts: Risks and Rewards

Considerations in Public Owner and Governmental Energy Efficiency Projects

Public owners, such as state agencies, cities and counties, and school districts, are considering the advantages of energy efficiency projects.  The advantages include goodwill in the community, environmental benefits, and utility cost savings.  Such projects can involve an array of legal, engineering, technical, and financial issues.  This article addresses a number of considerations that, if not addressed early on, can bring unwanted surprises. Read More »Considerations in Public Owner and Governmental Energy Efficiency Projects