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Survey on the Benefits of Construction Estimating Software

This guest post is from Derek Singleton of Software Advice.

Contractors rely on a variety of methods to estimate their project costs. Some prefer to create their project estimates by hand using pen and paper while others rely on construction-specific software designed specifically for estimating costs. For a while, there’s been a debate over which method is the most effective and accurate. 

To help answer that question, Software Advice is working on research to benchmark the effectiveness of construction estimating software and other estimating technologies and methods. They’re looking to hear from construction professionals of all trades and industries so when you get a second, please take some time to fill take their survey.

Click here for the survey.

In July, Software Advice will post the results of their findings and report on the adoption and effectiveness of construction estimating software. Be sure to check back here for a summary of their findings.

View the prior year survey here.


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