What is Energy Law?

Regulated through the United States Department of Energy, energy law governs the use and taxation of oil, gasoline, coal and other sources of commercial energy.

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Renewable Energy Law

Renewable energy law is a major topic of interest for cooperatives or other companies that are developing new energy projects. Renewable energy project development requires

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ReConnect Program

A new and innovative pilot program called ReConnect, will offer federal financing in the form of loans, grants, and loan-grant combinations.  This financing will promote

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COVID-19 Tips for Employers

Many of our clients have inquired about what they should do when an employee contracts Covid-19. While the answer is complicated, depending on the circumstances

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IRS Notice 2019-43

Notice 2019-43 updates and clarifies the guidance provided in prior IRS notices regarding the beginning of construction for sections 45 and 48.  Specifically, the notice

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