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Landfill Gas Project To Be Largest In Georgia

Green Power EMC, a Georgia cooperative, recently agreed to purchase the power generated by the expansion of an existing landfill gas project owned and operated by Energy Developments, Inc. in Taylor County, Georgia.  The plant will be expanded from MW to 8 MW, making it the largest landfill gas to electricity facility in Georgia.  The expansion is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2011.  Landfill gas, which is created by the decomposition of organic materials in landfills, is about 50 percent methane and can be converted to generate electricity by being burned in a combustion unit that drives a generator.  Such conversion projects are especially beneficial in light of the fact that landfill gas would otherwise be managed as a waste product, since landfill gas that is released into the atmosphere instead of being burned becomes a pollutant associated with global warming. 

Green Power EMC was formed by Georgia distribution cooperatives to assist them in obtaining power from renewable resources, and currently serves thirty-nine Georgia electric cooperatives.  Green Power EMC was formed in 2001, and serves its members by screening, analyzing and negotiating power purchase agreements with renewable resource providers.  Green Power EMC has assisted its members in obtaining power from the landfill gas, hydro, biomass and solar resources.  Autry, Horton & Cole LLP assisted with the formation of Green Power EMC and continues to represent Green Power EMC in negotiating and entering into agreements with renewable energy developers.

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