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Expired Contract Not Revived Due to Sovereign Immunity and the Ex Contractu Clause

A few months ago, a decision by the Supreme Court of Georgia in Georgia Department of Labor v. RTT Associates, Inc. provided a strict rule for contractors who work with state agencies to determine whether a state agency has waived …

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Video: Contractors’ Update on New Regulations Governing Commercial Use of Drones

At a presentation before the AGC of Georgia, AHHC attorneys Mark Hanrahan, David Cook, and Chadd Reynolds covered “Contractors’ Update on New Regulations Governing Commercial Use of Drones.”  View the presentation here:

On June 23, 2016, the Department of

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Drones in Construction: Helpful Resources

Construction contractors, subcontractors, and designers are implementing the use of drones in the planning, design, and construction of projects. AHHC will be posting several blog articles on this subject in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, we offer the following

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CGL Policy Insurance Coverage in Construction

Mark Hanrahan, partner in law firm of Autry, Hanrahan, Hall & Cook, LLP, spoke at Sterling Risk Advisors to a group of construction professionals regarding Commercial General Liability insurance in construction.  Mark focused his talk on construction defects and

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Georgia Amends Anti-Indemnity Statute

In its most recent session, the Georgia General Assembly passed HB 943, which amends Georgia’s Anti-Indemnity Statute.  The amendment expands the Anti-Indemnity Statute beyond construction contracts to include contracts for engineering, architectural, and land surveying services (“A/E Contracts”).

In a …

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False Claims Act Lawsuit By Private Party Requires Governmental Approval

This post was written by Chadd Reynolds and David Cook.

Like many states, Georgia has enacted a False Claims Act, which is an important piece of legislation for public contractors and subcontractors.  The Act is largely similar to the …

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Georgia Court Clarifies Landlord Liability for Construction Defects

This post was written by AHHC attorney Chadd Reynolds.

In Cowart v. Schevitz, the Georgia Court of Appeals clarified the instances in which an out-of-possession landlord can be liable in a premises liability claim. No. A15A2036, 2016 WL 563114, …

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Forum-Selection Clause Enforced

This blog post was written by Chadd Reynolds and David Cook.

In a recent decision, the Georgia Court of Appeals strengthened the broad application of forum-selection clauses.  The Court in Cemex Construction Materials Florida, LLC v. LRA Naples, LLC, …

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Additional Insured Denied Recovery Under Commercial General Liability Policy For Costs Sustained Repairing Defective Construction and Resulting Property Damage

In Auto Owners Insurance Co. v. Gay Construction Co.,[1] a general contractor brought a claim as an additional insured under a sub-subcontractor’s commercial general liability (“CGL”) policy seeking to recover costs it sustained repairing the sub-subcontractor’s defective work …

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Atlanta Interchange Rebuild Will Use Public-Private Partnership Structure

I285/GA400 interchangeMore than three years after Georgia Governor Nathan Deal made it his top transportation project, the planned redevelopment of the I-285/GA 400 interchange in Sandy Springs (DeKalb County) in metro Atlanta is closer to a start date. The Georgia State …

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