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Business and Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys have extensive experience resolving, litigating, and arbitrating disputes arising from business arrangements and commercial transactions.  Our philosophy is to save our client’s money by attempting to resolve disputes on the front end.  We resolve disputes before litigation or arbitration by meeting with the opposing parties and presenting our client’s case persuasively enough to prompt a resolution in favor of our client.

But sometimes resolution is not attainable.  Not all adverse parties employ reason and logic in their decision-making.  In those circumstances, we doggedly pursue our client’s interests.  We litigate in federal and state courts and arbitrate in the AAA and private arbitration forums.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in advising clients in business and commercial matters.  Accordingly, we have a solid understanding of how business is done, and we employ that understanding in representing our clients in litigation and dispute resolution.