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Telephone Cooperative Directors: Legal Risks and Privacy Concerns

AHC attorney, David Cook, recently spoke to a group of directors of telephone cooperatives about legal risks and privacy concerns.  The telephone and telecommunication utilities hailed from several states to North Carolina for the conference.  The presentation covered topics related to:

  • Covid-19 lessons learned
  • Recent legal risks faced by telephone and telecommunication cooperatives
  • Lawsuits against rural utilities
  • Director duties
  • Director responsibilities concerning subsidiaries and affiliates
  • Privacy: CPNI, ransomware, and more

As a proponent of rural utilities, and particularly rural broadband, David focused on those matters affecting rural telephone cooperatives and their unique interests and concerns.

For more information about cooperative directors, click here.

Cooperative Director Training: David Cook provides in-person and virtual trainings for cooperative directors, as well as guidance at strategic planning sessions.  Contact David for more information about director training.