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AHC Partner Discusses Cooperatives’ Capital Credits at Telephone Cooperative Conference

David Cook will be speaking at the upcoming NTCA’s RTIME conference.   The conference will be held on February 16 – 19 in Phoenix, AZ.  The conference will bring together more than 2,200 thought leaders in the Rural Broadband industry who are ready to push the limits of innovation and affordable next generation technology.    

Mr. Cook is scheduled to speak on the following: 

What’s New with Capital Credits and Patronage Dividends?”  

Uncover the latest legal developments affecting capital credits, including board and management assessment, retirement practices, and discounting programs. Learn ways to reduce growing capital credit balances, especially in a regulatory environment of declining cost support and increased scrutiny. 

For more information on this seminar, how to register to see Mr. Cook speak on Monday, February 17th, you can visit the RTIME Conference site.