RUS Amends Standards for Timber Products

The Rural Utilities Service has issued a final rule to amend its regulations for Electric and Telecommunications Standards affecting the following:

  • Specifications for Materials and Equipment and Construction
  • Specification for Wood Poles, Stubs, and Anchor Logs
  • Specification for Wood Crossarms,

RUS Amends Several Regulations for Electric Borrowers

The Rural Utilities Service recently amended its regulations for electric borrowers.  These amendments affect the loan application requirements, approvals of work plans, contract bidding and approval procedures, system operation and maintenance reviews, long-range engineering, and system-design procedures.

Here is a …

Tax Reform Act Impacts Cooperatives, Part IV: Impact on Governmental Grants

Perhaps the most impactful aspect of the recent tax reform law is the change to the treatment of governmental grants.  Many cooperatives qualify for governmental grants in furtherance of their community benefits, such as electric, telephone, and broadband service and …

Lender Discusses Differences Between Broadband and Electric Service

The following article is reprinted from CFC Solutions News Bulletin (17 January 2018, Volume 19, Number 2).

With more electric cooperatives looking into providing broadband service to unserved and underserved rural communities, CFC Senior Vice President for Member Services Joel …