RUS Amends Several Regulations for Electric Borrowers

The Rural Utilities Service recently amended its regulations for electric borrowers.  These amendments affect the loan application requirements, approvals of work plans, contract bidding and approval procedures, system operation and maintenance reviews, long-range engineering, and system-design procedures.

Here is a …

New CREBs Aid Kansas G&T’s Prairie Sky Solar Farm

This article is reprinted from CFC Solutions News Bulletin (23 January 2017).

The 19 member distribution cooperatives of Kansas Electric Power Cooperative (KEPCo), a generation and transmission cooperative (G&T) based in Topeka, Kansas, will receive more green power—thanks in part


Private sector partnerships help DoD meet goals for energy efficiency and renewable energy production

For the last two decades, federal agencies like the Department of Defense (DoD) have set mandates to reduce energy intensity, lower greenhouse gases and increase use of alternative energy sources. The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) requires …

IRS Ruling Address Power Generation by REITs

Developers are constantly looking for ways to find capital for their energy development projects.  They have solicited all sorts of capital, including banks, angel investors, private equity investors, private development bonds, and other sources.  One other potential source of capital

AHC Attorney to Present on Energy Savings Performance Contracts

AHC attorney David Cook will speak at Facilities America 2012 on September 10 through 13, 2012, in Washington, D.C.   He will address “Energy Savings Performance Contracting From the Owner’s Perspective.”

ESPCs are contracts through which contractors install energy-efficient equipment, implement …

The Impact of Ambiguity in Construction and Engineering Contracts for Energy Projects

A July 31, 2012 ruling by a federal district court illustrates the importance of using clear provisions in contracts for energy construction.  The case centered on a developer’s argument that its contract with an engineering firm contained a performance guaranty …

AHC Attorney David Cook Presents Webinar on Power Purchase Agreements

AHC attorney David R. Cook will present a webinar regarding the legal and tax aspects of power purchase agreements (PPAs). Along with two other power industry professionals, he will address accounting and tax issues involved with PPAs.  In addition, David …