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Business, Corporate, and Commercial
David Cook

David R. Cook Jr.


North Atlanta Office (Vinings)

3330 Cumberland Boulevard
Suite 185
Atlanta, GA 30339


In his business law practice, David advises and represents businesses in virtually every type of transaction encountered by modern businesses.  He handles business formation and organization, transactions, and litigation for businesses and their owners. 

  • Business Litigation and Arbitration

David has successfully handled many types of business disputes.  For example, he has litigated or arbitrated disputes arising from promissory notes and loan agreements, security agreements, guaranties, power contracts, commercial leases, LLC operating agreements, management contracts, and franchise agreements.  

  • Business Formation and Transactions

David has set up numerous companies, both LLCs and corporations, based on the particular interests of the owners.  He is well-suited to advise business owners and investors because of his business and tax experience.  After listening to the objectives of owners and investors, he is able to organize businesses that fit those objectives in the most tax-efficient manner possible. 

He has drafted transaction documents for many types of business transactions.  These include, for instance, business formation (LLCs operating agreements and corporate bylaws), business acquisitions and divestures, asset purchase and sales, commercial leases and medical leases, promissory notes and loan documents (including guaranties, security agreements, UCC financing statements, security deeds, etc.), franchise agreements, subscription agreements, tradenames, employment agreements, nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, and noncompete agreements.