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Local Government Organizations Provide Guidance Regarding Georgia’s Immigration Mandates

The Association of County Commissioners of Georgia and the Georgia Municipal Association have provided guidance to local governments concerning Georgia’s immigration law for public works contracts.  The Georgia General Assembly has enacted several laws in recent years that impact local governments’ and public owners’ public work construction contracts.  Both the ACCG and GMA have published helpful guidance for local governments. 

ACCG Guidance for Counties

The ACCG has a website entitled “Georgia Immigration Requirements for Counties.”   It contains citations to the applicable law and a link to a helpful checklist.  It discusses the following:

–        Reporting Requirements

–        E-Verify Public Contractor Report

–        E-Verify Private Employer / Business License Report

–        Public Benefits / SAVE Report

–        Public Benefits

–        Required Affidavits

–        Private Employer E-Verify Affidavits

–        SAVE

–        Approved Secured and Verifiable Identification Information

It also provides links to important websites.

GMA Guidance for Municipalities

GMA has published the second edition of its “Immigration Mandates on Municipalities.”  This detailed report covers:

–        Use of E-Verify

–        E-Verify for Contractors and the Physical Performance of Services

–        E-Verify for Private Employers and Municipal Mandates

–        SAVE, Public Benefits, and Municipal Mandates

–        Penalties and the Immigration Enforcement Review Board

In a prior post, we discussed the FAQs on Immigration Mandates published by the GMA.


The guidance published is not intended as legal advice, so local governments should consult with their attorneys to ensure they are in compliance with Georgia’s immigration mandates for public works contracts.  But they both provide excellent guidance to local governments in implementing their ever-important public works projects.


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