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Georgia Legislature Passes Additional Procurement Rules

On May 3, 2018, Governor Nathan Deal signed HB 899 into law, officially making it Act 389. Act 389 modifies O.C.G.A. § 13-10-4 and § 36-91-23 relating to public works bidding and contracts of state and local governments, respectively. Both sections are modified in the same bill because they contain the same language. The bill prohibits the disqualification of bidders based upon lack of previous experience with the project’s desired construction delivery method.

Before the modifications, the code protected a contractor from disqualification only for lack of previous experience on a job of comparable size. After the modification, the law expands to prohibit disqualification based on lack of previous experience with comparable job size and lack of previous experience with the construction delivery method.

State and local governments should modify their bid solicitations, requests for proposals, and instructions to account for the new protections for bidders and proposers.

For more information about public procurement, see David Cook’s manual on “Local Government Public Works and Procurement Law.”

Article co-authored by AHC attorneys David Cook and Taylor Orgeron.