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Engineering Design Issues for Road Construction

AHC Attorney David Cook recently participated in a panel discussion at the American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia regarding highway construction issues for engineers. 

The panel discussed issues concerning:

  • Expert witness testimony, discovery, and Daubert motions;
  • Engineering standards for road construction;
  • Liability arising from design errors;
  • Sovereign immunity for public owners;
  • Georgia State Tort Claims Act and other exceptions to sovereign immunity;
  • Litigation document management; and
  • The Georgia Open Records Act.

As an attorney representing public and private owners, along with subcontractors, David discussed the importance of engineers as expert witnesses in litigation involving highway construction and design issues.  He also discussed the constitutional and statutory defenses available to public owners and attempts by claimants to avoid these defenses. 

For more information about the conference or the issues discussed by the panel, contact David or view his profile here.

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