Ga. Supreme Court Interprets Intent and Scope of Atlanta’s OCIP

Read the opinion here: Case – ArcherWestern v Pitts

Construction owners occasionally use an Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) to insure personal and property damage on their projects.  The Georgia Supreme Court recently interpreted the City of Atlanta’s OCIP for …

Contractual Limitations Period Must Have Clearly Identifiable Starting Point

Many construction-related contracts contain a contractual period of limitations — a contract term that establishes a period of time during which a party must file a claim against the other party (“limitations provision”).  Such a contractual provision precludes an aggrieved …

Proper Contracts Can Mitigate Key Risks in the Procurement of Facility-Related Construction Services

AHC attorney David R. Cook recently authored an article in the Facilities Engineering Journal regarding the importance of strong contracts in the procurement of construction services by facilities owners and managers.  Read the entire article here.

Guest Post: Risk Management and Insurance Considerations for Joint Ventures

This guest post was written by Bud LaRosa.  It was originally posted on another blog,

By Bud LaRosa

Construction is seeing a lot more joint ventures now than it has in the past. Projects are becoming larger and more …