AHC College Football Rivalry

Tonight’s championship is a serious rivalry for Autry, Hall & Cook.  Associate attorney Taylor Orgeron is related to LSU coach Ed Orgeron.  Taylor is obviously a rabid LSU fan.

Our paralegal Brenna Skalski is the proud sister of Clemson’s star

Court Dismisses Cross Claims Against Utility Based on Construction Anti-Indemnity Statute

When a plane crashed and several passengers and crew died or were injured, their representatives sued several defendants, including a nearby plant owner, Milliken & Company (“Plant Owner”), based on claims that transmission lines on Plant Owner’s property were too …

Part II: Key Provisions of School Facility Construction & Design Contracts

The following article was written by David R. Cook, and was published 13 June by School Construction News. It is reprinted here with permission. Part I, “Key Provisions of School Facility Construction & Design Contracts,” was published 25 April.…