General Contractor / Construction Manager Representation

General contractors and construction managers occupy intermediate positions in the chain of contracts on any construction project.  We are familiar with the challenges this presents for our clients because they are often placed in positions of negotiating, defending and enforcing contractual rights upstream against project owners and downstream against subcontractors and suppliers.  Our lawyers are also familiar with performance security issues – bonds, subcontractor default insurance and letters of credit – that face our general contractor and construction manager clients.

  • Client Focused Approach – Manage Risks and Avoid Disputes

We place special emphasis on helping our general contractor and construction manager clients manage and minimize risks and, thereby, avoid disputes.  We have extensive experienced in assisting in managing the unique risks our clients face as occupants of intermediate positions in the chain of contracts.

  • Client Focused Approach – Effective Dispute Resolution, Minimize Costs

Sometimes disputes are unavoidable. When disputes persist and resolution cannot be achieved by proactive project initiatives, our lawyers represent our general contractor and construction manager clients in mediating, arbitrating and litigating disputes to resolution.  Our lawyers have extensive experience in complex, high-dollar dispute resolution and litigation involving the full spectrum of potential construction-related controversies.  Our focus is cost-effective, results-oriented representation of our clients.  We employ sophisticated computer technology to achieve maximum efficiency of our lawyers and to minimize client costs.  Please see our Construction Litigation and Dispute Resolution page for more information.

  • Client Focused Approach – Cost-Effective Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Our lawyers have extensive experience assisting clients with structuring, negotiating and concluding complex construction transactions, including drafting and negotiating owner/contractor agreements and subcontracts from the perspective of general contractors and construction managers.  Our lawyers work closely with our clients to identify risks unique to our clients’ work on projects and work relentlessly to minimize those risks through well-drafted contract agreements and effective negotiations.  Our attorneys have drafted and negotiated these agreements on office building projects, schools, water treatment facilities, municipal buildings, factories, coliseums, sports and entertainment venues, hotels, condominiums, hydro-electric dams, cement plants and gas-powered power plants, among others.

Please see our Construction Practice page for more information.

The following attorneys practice in our construction law practice group and have extensive experience in representing general contractors and construction managers:

David R. Cook Jr.
Alan G. Paulk
Antonio E. Veal


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