Savannah homeowners win sizable judgment in mold case against HVAC contractor

Two Savannah homeowners filed a complaint against a local air conditioning contractor and its insurer, asserting claims of professional negligence and fraud. The couple alleged that in March 2009, the contractor replaced the duct system of their home’s air conditioning …

Unlicensed Contractors’ Time Has Run Out

Since 1 July 2008, residential contractors and general contractors must comply with licensing laws.  Failure to comply with those laws can have disastrous financial and legal consequences.  A recent case serves as a reminder of the importance of complying with …

Atlanta Bar Construction Newsletter Article

Autry, Hall & Cook attorney David Cook contributed an article to the Atlanta Bar Construction Law Section.  The article addresses a recent case that involved several important construction litigation issues, including:

  • the Acceptance Doctrine,
  • absence of privity in a

Wrongful Termination and the Right to Cure

Wrongful Termination and the Right to Cure: The Subcontractor’s Perspective

In a recent case, a subcontractor asserted a wrongful-termination claim against a contractor when it was terminated for violating certain safety rules of the project. When the subcontractor’s personnel were …

Failure to Procure Contractually Required Insurance Can Be Disastrous

In a prior post, we discussed a Georgia Supreme Court opinion interpreting Atlanta’s OCIP policy.  The case at issue was remanded to the Georgia Court of Appeals, which has recently issued its opinion on remand.

The case contains …